UBWELL: Understanding Your Own Health Everyday

image of Tracey DavenportAFFIRM Research Award Winner Tracey Davenport is Research Director at the Brain and Mind Institute, Sydney University.

Tracey is responsible for all research methodologies pertaining to associated mental health projects in the Australian (and international) community.

AFFIRM is proud to support Tracey’s evaluation study to assess the efficacy and effectiveness of the project UBwell which has the potential to transform health systems worldwide by changing the way in which individuals understand their own data. It could also help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat and manage patients with complex medical and mental health problems.

image of fitness bandsUBwell is a continuous, real-time data tracker which can link to current available wearable technology (like Fitbit) and other smart software systems (HealthKit, Google Fit and Project Synergy) to collect physiological and experiential measures and then monitor, analyse and report these results.

UBwell has been developed to its first stage and Tracey will continue this study to provide a more efficient data tracker that provides repeated and frequent day-to-day reliable data that can be shared with healthcare professionals.