Ms Georgie Harman

Transcript of Georgie Harman’s address at the 2018 Executive Business Luncheon

DATE: Tuesday 1st May 2018¬† TIME: 12 noon to 2pm VENUE: National Press Club of Australia Official Transcript Georgie Harman CEO beyondblue CLICK HERE TO VIEW¬†PHOTO GALLERY     Mental health in the workplace is...
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First physiological test for schizophrenia and depression

The new method could lead to earlier and better defined treatments for people around the world.
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Social media can increase feelings of isolation

Study of young adults raises serious questions about the risks of becoming obsessed with platforms like Facebook and Snapchat.
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World-first mobile app to help ease OCD

Almost 500,000 Australians suffer from OCD. It's hoped this mobile app will help them navigate the frustrating and life-disrupting challenges.
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Greater Mental Health Risk For Sexual Minorities

Lesbian, gay and bisexual adults have a higher prevalence of psychological distress.
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Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Schizophrenia

Researchers say nicotine has a serious impact on brain development.
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Could This Be The Cause Of Schizophrenia?

It's a vital clue that could help solve the puzzle.
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The Awful Truth About Young Gay Men And Suicide

Young gay men are six times more likely than those over 45 to attempt suicide.
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The Exercise That Can Help Tame Schizophrenia

There could be a way to ease the symptoms. And it's really simple.